UX Design

What is it?

UX (User eXperience) consists of several components: data architecture, interactive and graphic design, and content. This is the structure and functional scheme of your website, of both large blocks and any functions in them. This is a comprehensive approach for the interaction with an interface: a website, mobile application, or any other program. Therefore, the main task of the specialist, a UX designer, is to develop an interface considering all the details, from a user environment and the type of electronic device to the way the information is entered and displayed. And when creating a resource to achieve this, one is recommended to use both UX and UI development, follow up-to-date trends, and use modern technologies. All this will make the usage of your website simple and convenient for any user. While UX is about any user interaction, UI is about a visual part. And, their combination and effective cooperation will make your resource both beautiful and functionally-effective. The beauty of design, colors, animations can cause a wow effect for a user, and your UX, on the other hand, will make your client come back again and again. Therefore, the best solution is UI + UX. UX design quality is measured by how quickly the user could navigate the resource and achieve their goal.


What does it give you?

UX design affects each component of user interaction with your resource: how to to find the exact product or service, how to order and pay for it, how to contact a support service, etc. And the more comfortable and faster it goes, the better your resource works, giving you more money. Moreover, a satisfied user will surely come back to you next time. We live in a time of global competition around the world; it is high-quality UX that will become your advantage for users. It will even allow you to sell your products at a higher price. UX/UI design development directly affects the profit that your resource brings you. A well-built design significantly increases sales and helps users fall in love with your product and your company during the first contact. The correct arrangement of text blocks, buttons, color and size, readable fonts, and indents between them – each of these components has a huge impact on your resource popularity with users and the profit it brings. Well-researched needs of your market segment, well-thought-out structure combined with unusual design solutions – this is the recipe for a successful business, the effectiveness of which, multiplied by UX design and supported by UI design, will give the maximum effect.