Without a team, it is impossible to start and complete any project; to create a product and enter the market with it; to conduct a business at all. “It’s all about the people,” as you know. And for everything to work as it should, you need the right recruiting. The key to success in this business is an integrated and professional approach. That means using the methods of active monitoring of the supply and demand market – viewing the questionnaires and CVs of candidates for the vacancies of clients in databases and the Internet, interviewing candidates, and providing a client with the lists of the most suitable candidates. They are justified in selecting personnel for the positions of specialists who are competent in their field, and a huge task – the search for professionals for managerial positions using the targeted search method.

Recruiting as a service

If we are talking about recruiting as a service, here you will be offered the following services:

  • assistance in determining the position and characteristics of the ideal candidate;
  • consultations on the current state of the labor market and the size of wages in the segment in which the customer works;
  • services for the use of databases, the Internet, advertising networks, and contact bases for the industry;
  • analysis of the data of CVs, questionnaires, and documents submitted by applicants;
  • conducting an assessment for compliance with the position of the applicant by telephone and by personal contact;
  • organization of psychological testing, verification of recommendations, and preparation of conclusions on the conformity of the applicant’s candidacy to the requirements of the vacancy;
  • presentation of the best candidates to the customer and assistance in organizing negotiations during personal meetings;
  • providing advice to clients when the candidate passes the probationary period (if necessary).

The motivation for applying for services to an outsourcing company is most often associated with saving the customer’s time. As a rule, outsourcing companies have extensive databases of job seekers and great competence in the knowledge of the labor market. In doing so, they guarantee the confidentiality of the search for all parties to employment. And despite the fact that recruiting involves, first of all, representing the interests of the employer, they try to build their contacts with both client representatives and applicants, as well as with other persons involved in the recruitment process. This approach contributes to the emergence of mutual understanding, an active desire for cooperation, and motivation of the activities of all parties to this relationship.