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Our mission

Service: Our mission to make functional pretty applications. We love what we do. We build an effective solutions for our customers. You'll never be disappointed in our service.

Communication: We are always ready to talk. Any of your requirements will be implemented. You imagine - we do. This is our main goal. We provide the unique communication technology which allows us to avoid any miss understanding with customer.

Experience: What is the Resty-app? It's a family type company. We are not just a team, we are the family. Our work is well tuned and hard skilled. Our portfolio has more then 200+ websites and applications. Our customers trust us and now you can.

Magic: Yes, yes... Magic. An typical website differs from a great only with magic.

Why we are

Alexey Kunitsky, CEO

Large experience in Project Management, Product Marketing and Software development helped me to find an unique success formula. For now i have a clear vision of our company mechanism. With each customer i saw the same problem - most of developers are lazy and they don't care about everything. My Unique method handles all this issues and makes development process fast and transparent for the customer.

Vyacheslav Reshetnyakov, CTO

You can try a lot of things in your life before you'll find yourself. After 10 years of search - I found myself in the code. If you like what you do - result will never wait. Your hobby becomes a job. Job becomes a sense of your life. Do what you like. Like what you do!

Alexandra Kazemir-Yampolska, Sales

Working in the sales industry requires a lot of hard work, patience, and the ability to connect with potential clients. I believe that my prior work experience has adequately prepared me for the challenges. I also believe that practices like always being professional and treating each individual with the utmost respect are essential for experiencing long-term success in the sales field.