What is a dedicated team?

Signing an agreement to work according to the dedicated team model, a company gets several specialists chosen, taking into account the requirements for a specific product. A dedicated team is entirely focused on a particular IT solution, while a client controls the workflow and can shift focus to high-level tasks. Responsibility for recruiting new employees and administrative support for the team lies with the QA service provider. The team’s performance and each specialist is regularly monitored, and if necessary, a company makes some adjustments to the workflow. This is how the dedicated team works in general terms.

When is it beneficial to work on the DT model?

This model of work is recommended in the following cases:

  • You are aimed at long-term cooperation;
  • Project requirements frequently change during the course of work;
  • It may be necessary to increase the team during the working process;
  • There is no opportunity to hire your own team to solve a specific problem;
  • It is necessary to reduce the cost of QA.

Features of the dedicated team

In addition to team involvement (typical for this model), perhaps the most important factors are the transparency of the process, the ability to control the work progress, and quickly change the team. Depending on the project specifics, dedicated teams can work on the customer’s side, remotely, or combine both interaction schemes. Therefore, flexibility is an essential advantage of a dedicated team.

Even in the most volatile environments, a dedicated team allows customers to remain confident in their IT applications’ quality. With the latest developments in the world, clients have the option of relocating their entire team or individual members to work from home to reduce health risks that can hinder business continuity.

Some clients entrust the selection of team members to project managers and rely on their choice. Others take part in all interviews, personally check the CVs of all the candidates. On average, the entire process takes one to four weeks to build a team ready to get started. For example, if one requires a team of 15 people, it is usually recommended to involve a few engineers first and gradually increase the team’s size as the project progresses. Such a solution is much more useful than using everyone from the very beginning.

Nowadays, there is no need to keep your staff’s right specialists if their work is needed only for some specific product/project. Instead, it would be much more rational to use a dedicated team’s services, and we are ready to help you with this.