TOP 8 best web apps to start to get a new Job

What makes a great developer? As it is with any complex set of abilities, becoming a great coder
takes an awful lot of time and effort. Here are some of the apps you can build to get to the top of your game as quick as possible.

1) A Sortable Drag and Drop List
If you want to create complex apps, this is where it’s at. New knowledge includes:
- How to create great UI
- How to drag and drop API

2) Messenger Clone
Comes in handy for even fuller coverage of the React Native functions such as:
- Routing and layouts
- Web sockets

3) Webpack config
Yeah, it’s not an app. But it’s still useful to give it a try to get a better understanding of:
- .vue and .jsx to js compillation
- How to set up your webpack config from scratch
- How to use images and SVG’s

4) User Admin Dashboard
This CRUD app is simple, easy and great for working out fundamentals such as:
- Working with forms
- Creating, managing and deleting users

5) To-do App
Regarding your possible concerns – yeah, we really mean it. It is true that there’s already more than enough to-do aps, and yet it wouldn’t hurt to make one of your own as they are quite popular. Here’s some of the knowledge you may pick up while doing it:
- Better understanding of JS
- Creating and filtering tasks
- Validating fields

6) Cryptocurrency Tracker
This React Native mobile app uncovers a curtain behind:
- How mobile simulators work and how to work with them
- How native apps and layouts work
- How to fetch data from an API

7) Trello
By building a Trello clone you may learn:
- Routing
- Drag and drop
- Creating boards, lists and cards
- Handling validation and inputs
How to use, save and read data from both the local storage and database
8) Hacker News Clone
Sometimes it seems that literary everyone has already built their own version of it, but there’s just
might be a place for another one. At least, as long as you learn the following:
- Creating single-page apps
- Routing
- How to implement viewing and single comments and profiles features
Obviously, this is not everything that you can do, but may as well be a starting point to great coding.