4 basic types of project managers

No two people are the same. Everybody is prone to liking different things – music, movies, food, etc. And yet, there can be only so many options to choose from. In the case of PM’s work, we can safely narrow the list down to 4 basic types.

Please note, that this division is rather rough, and a truly good PM probably won’t fit the sole description straight in due to possessing multiple professional qualities and personality traits. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado, here are the for main types of PM:


Nope, he doesn’t wear a cape, neither does he give mysterious speeches. Come on, it’s 2019, for heaven’s sake! What he does is reaching outside the box of common norms and practices to find new business opportunities. Naturally, this approach brings a lot of risks to the table thanks to the lack of reliable data. The prophet is walking a fine line, challenging established strategies, paving a way for new stories of success. Or failure.


By thinking inside the box, this type is prone to using unreliable business and growth opportunities. Not unlike some Vegas casino regular, he makes his bets, looking forward to a big jackpot. Sometimes he bluffs his way out when the perspectives are uncertain. He sure likes to win, but he’s no stranger to losing as well.


This kind doesn’t have to wear a lab coat to be called an expert, nevertheless, his approach is rather scientific. Knowing the work like the back of his hand, he lets experience and strong knowledge guide him and has no heart for hunch and premonition. Instead, he makes his choices basing only on proven business strategies, making success not a matter of luck, but a matter of dedicated work.


He’s all set. His team members are devoted, his strategies are proven and work is carefully planned ahead. No risk – no problems he’s attitude is. All in all, this one is probably the closest root to success. If only things could be that easy... At the end of the day, it is vital to bear in mind that no type is perfect at any aspect of the work itself. Thus, it is important to have all four types by your side, if you want to cover as much ground as you can. In other words - variety is the spice of life.