What works to outsource, and what to do on your own?

What works to outsource, and what to do on your own?

Very often in the modern world business uses outsourcing, even big ones. This is a very profitable cost optimization tool since it allows you not to hire expensive specialists for irregular tasks. Large fixed costs (for employee salaries, payment of taxes, insurance, etc.) become smaller one-time payments. But, this approach is not always ideal, and here we will briefly consider what exactly is better to outsource, and what is better to do on our own.

What can be outsourced

  • Web resource development. If your business is not related to IT, it makes no sense to develop your online storefront, a website on your own. The result is unlikely to be good enough. Since this is a complex job requiring special knowledge and skills, it is much better to entrust it to professionals.
  • Mobile application development. Most modern businesses will benefit from a mobile app to capture and maintain contact with their target audience. And of course, the best way to get such an app is to outsource it.
  • Bookkeeping. This is especially topical for small companies and individual entrepreneurs. It is more profitable for them not to hire an accountant, but to use the services of this specialist only when submitting quarterly reports.
  • Transport and logistics. To make good delivery of goods, one must have a developed logistics network, and for most businesses, this is an impossible task, therefore these functions are often outsourced.

What not to outsource

All the product added value is formed by the unique competencies of a team. If you outsource tasks that are directly related to the main product, you will not be able to develop unique competencies. Therefore, the things that cannot be given to an external contractor are directly related to the product.

Full immersion in the most important process is especially significant just at the stage of business starting, when a team is extremely dependent not only on the quality of interaction between its members and the general feeling of being together but also on meeting deadlines, endless brainstorming sessions and a large amount of other work, entrusted to outsiders performers are simply impossible.

When to outsource?

Outsourcing is essential when you need to free up resources and focus on core business processes. Everyone should do what they do best – this is one of the basic principles of an effective division of labor works to the full with companies. Focus on what constitutes your competitive advantage. The rest will be handled by outsourcing specialists.

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