When outsourcing is better than a full-time programmer?

When outsourcing is better than a full-time programmer?

Such a form of work as outsourcing appeared relatively recently. And in the last five years, its popularity has increased many times, especially considering the current dynamics of changes in global markets. New technologies in software development appear literally every year, as well as new specialists who can work with these tools. Under the conditions when a company does not have sufficient resources to hire the right specialist or train its own one, outsourcing is the only possible option.

It is worth noting that outsourcing as a form of work also has its drawbacks, and these are the cases when a full-time programmer clearly wins, so it cannot be called a 100% winning solution for all businesses.

Here we will try to briefly analyze the situations in which outsourcing is better than a full-time employee, and when it is better to take a person into your team.

Staff programmer VS outsourcing

So, here are the main advantages, disadvantages, and limitations of each of them:

  Fulltime programmers Outsource programmers
Advantages they work in the long term projects (after development the product will be supported by the same people)they are in your office and therefore the communication of your team is easier and more effective

They can devote more time to your project (as a rule), since they do not waste time to get to your office, etc., also they work on their own PCs and spend their own electricity…You pay only for the work done (less than for a full-time specialist)
Disadvantages you pay them a fixed salary, even if they are not currently engaged on any specific project + taxes.you must provide them with a workplace (table, chair, computer, etc.).they rarely work more than a working day (although if you pay extra for overtime, they will).

They build their own work schedule. On the one hand, they can work on weekends, at night, etc., on the other hand, they can have a day off for example on Wednesday.After the project completion, they will leave, or subsequent support will cost more money.Team communications are remote, moreover, if you do not hire a ready-made team at once (which is more expensive), the team will most likely not work well.  

As you can see, both have their pros and cons. Which of these is more important and what can be neglected, the choice is up to you, because each project and each business is unique and has its own features.

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