Why does a business need UX design?

Why does a business need UX design?

So let’s start with the definition. UX design is a complex system that ensures user-product interactions. That is, good UX design is when it is easy, convenient, understandable, and beautiful, and, vice versa, bad UX design is difficult, inconvenient, incomprehensible, and unattractive. UX is not only about an appearance, but about the general order of interaction (how convenient it is to find the necessary information, how easy it is to fill out a form on the site, etc.)

A dozen years ago, sites and software products were designed according to the wishes of a customer (site, or software owners), but now the situation has changed dramatically and without working out the UX design it is not started at all. Now the site is no longer your “showcase” where users just look at your product or service but is a tool for interacting with you, and your success ultimately depends on how effectively it works. So UX design is at the forefront now.

How can UX design help me?

  1. Working out UX design allows you to correctly define your goals. More precisely, you will have to formulate them correctly, otherwise, nothing will go as it should. What are your goals for this website/application (collect data, trade, post some documents for downloading, or other information, etc.)?
  2. Optimal result in terms of efficiency of use. That is, you will be sure that your website/application is comfortable for users, and none of them will leave you, since your website is difficult to use.
  3. Practical evaluation and analysis of the product. UX includes usability tests, so you have the opportunity to evaluate the convenience and effectiveness of interacting with your customers experimentally. And this is not only about the visual part (aesthetic beauty), but a well-developed data architecture, that is, a complex indicator.

When is UX design important?

Complex systems. When we talk about websites, we mean e-commerce stores. From the point of view of the structure and complexity of interaction forms, this is the most complex version of a web resource. And this is where problems can arise (unless of course there is adequate UX design). Thus, for example, if it is not clear/inconvenient for a user to choose a product and place an order, there is a very high risk of losing this client.

Startups. Approval of potential customers is extremely important for a startup since there are very low own financial resources and if something goes wrong, and users will not be able to get information about the product, or will not know how to support it, or will not be able to send their feedback, the entire startup is at risk of failure. UX design is extremely important in this case.

What will help you improve the user experience

  1. Content for people and the main thing here is its value.
  2. Easy access to important materials.
  3. Attention to detail.

UX design development is a complex activity that requires certain knowledge and experience, so you cannot entrust it to just anyone else than a professional. If you need help with UX design, our experts are ready to advise you on this matter.

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