Mobile traffic growth and changes it brings to business

The days when only the wealthiest people had smartphones have gone (and will never return), almost everyone has some device. The volume of mobile traffic is growing from year to year, amid falling traffic from desktop devices. What does this mean for business? That’s right; you must look for technologies and solutions for mobile devices. Here we will take a closer look at trends in traffic volumes and how this affects any business.

A turning point

A turning point was in 2014 – the volume of desktop traffic gave way to traffic from mobile devices. It is really hard not to notice the boom in mobile traffic; the reports of various organizations shout about it. The rapid growth of mobile is since high-speed mobile Internet is becoming more accessible, like inexpensive smartphones. There are more and more new budget Chinese brands based on Android OS. Also, mobile traffic is growing due to countries where not everyone can afford a stationary computer. For example, in Kenya, India, and Nigeria, about 80% of site visits come from smartphones. After waking up, half of all Internet users around the world check their mobile phones first. Every day we spend an average of 3 hours on the Internet from a smartphone. In short, mobile is already an integral part of our daily life.

How user behavior has changed

The victory of mobile is not about choosing a device, but rather about changing perception. It’s one thing when you’re looking at the large screen and surfing the Internet, but when you are trying to kill time in a traffic jam or looking on your smartphone where the nearest tire service is located – it’s completely different. Let’s take a look at the facts to understand how user behavior is changing and how content is consumed. The mobile audience is ready to make purchases as quickly as possible. For example, one of the most popular morning queries is “same-day delivery.” And the query “open now” applicable to different companies has become three times more popular in two years (2015 to 2017). Besides, before buying, the audience prefers to learn about the product using mobile phones.

Business cannot stay blind to these trends; it just needs mobile products for own promotion.

What to consider when developing mobile solutions

  • high download speed;
  • shorter text clearly explaining the essence of the product/service;
  • callback form;
  • phone number with click-to-call function;
  • user interface with easy navigation;
  • optimization for voice search.


Mobile traffic is rapidly replacing desktop one, and companies must take this into account when shaping their strategy. So far, not all companies on the market are actively working with traffic from mobile, and this niche is relatively free. Therefore, you must hurry up to take your place in the new world of mobile Internet. Our specialists will be glad to help you with that.

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