My business has a website, so why do I need a mobile app?

Modern technologies have changed our lives. In business, technology also plays a crucial role. This is especially true for promotion and the tools for it.

Just 20 years ago, many entrepreneurs said something like that: “Why do we need a website (online store)? We are selling our goods anyway”. Today we can hardly imagine any business without its website, especially considering the last year’s lockdown restrictions. Now, when mobile traffic volume already exceeds that of desktop devices, people’s attention (your potential customers) has shifted to smartphones, and therefore one needs other tools – mobile applications.

If you have a smartphone (of course there is ), you understand how various functional applications, games, entertainment work. Let us consider the benefits of mobile apps for business:

  • Increasing sales. When you leave a house, you can forget anything except keys, wallet, and your smartphone. With mobile apps, a business gets into all the phones of customers, potential customers and remains in their pockets. Companies interact with customers all the time when they use their mobile devices. No other type of advertising offers such an opportunity – to constantly stay in a client’s pocket and interact with him/her.
  • Standing out of competitors. What do most businesses use today to promote themselves? Some flyers, radio ads, SMS marketing, websites, and social networks. When we look in the AppStore and GoolgePlay, we can hardly find a dozen business applications within a certain city and entire regions. This means minimal competition and a huge audience.
  • Loyalty. How to Build Customer Loyalty? The answer is simple: to be useful to your customers. With loyalty programs, you can share some exciting bonuses with your customers; they really love these. Besides, you can stimulate them to repeat sales. For example, something like this: “Every 5th cup of coffee is for free”.
  • Constant interest through push notifications. A mobile app with push notifications is actually a very powerful tool if used wisely. According to statistics, push notifications are twice as likely to return customers to the app. You can embed links to landing pages in push notifications. These notifications can draw your client’s attention and go to your company’s website or to the application tab, where the visual content worked. Sales conversion increases significantly.

So, as you can see, there are more than enough reasons to think about developing a mobile application. Well, the best thing is to order this service from real professionals.

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