Offline business in the pandemic of COVID-19

Until 2020, we have all observed a stable and confident digitalization process worldwide, when many offline businesses either completely turned online or at least created some kind of presence in the virtual world. But with the beginning of the pandemic, the situation changed noticeably – the process accelerated significantly. Due to a number of restrictive measures introduced to one degree or another in all countries, it was, in fact, the only opportunity for businesses to get at least some income during a lockdown. They worked on the Internet, social networks, or web applications. Those businesses that already had certain groundwork, those who already had a working online store, or a web application won in this situation. Those businesses that were forced to urgently develop a web solution under low-income conditions and in the shortest possible time suffered the most.

When will the pandemic end? When will the world return to its normal life? Even now, more than a year after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, no one can answer this question accurately, even though mass vaccinations have begun in many countries of the world. Sooner or later, COVID-19 will completely lose its force and will no longer pose a threat to humanity, but the worst thing is that we cannot be sure about our future. A new virus may appear, and again we will sit at home on a global lockdown. Therefore, it is better to properly prepare now in order to mitigate the consequences of a new strike.

How will a mobile app help your business?

As we said, a mobile application will help your business survive during a lockdown, but it is not all of its benefits. Here are some more:

  • Target audience loyalty. With a mobile app, you can offer bonuses or discounts on your first/next/10th purchase. Your potential customer will install this app and make orders on a regular basis.
  • Maintaining interest in your business. An application can inform about news and promotions with push-notifications. So you can keep your audience interested and encourage them to make regular purchases.
  • Beneficial for everyone. Customers want to buy and order quickly and conveniently. Your goal is to get an additional source of income. The application can solve both these goals.

Ten years ago, businesses developed their websites, and today, with the growing popularity of smartphones, mobile applications are becoming a source of additional income. So do not miss your potential opportunities; order mobile application development now.

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