The Future of React

React just a library

React is a JavaScript library developed by Facebook. It was created to improve the interface rendering mechanism. React was launched at a time when Facebook faced some problems with developing and supporting its projects. This is one of the most popular frameworks among developers. It was launched back in 2011, and in 2013 they opened source code. Since then, its popularity and demand have been growing year by year.

The opportunities provided by React

One of the main features of React is that web applications built based on it can change the display without the need to reload the page. Why is that so good? Thanks to this feature, applications can quickly respond to user actions, such as filling out forms, filters, checkout (add to cart), etc. Besides, React is used to render UI components.

The popularity and relevance of React

According to The State of JS 2019 survey, React is the leader in the Front-end frameworks and libraries category. Other popular libraries and frameworks are considerably less popular than React.

Therefore since it in demand in the labor market, this library is definitely worth learning. There are high chances that a company you’re interested in will use React in one way or another. React is commonly chosen in companies where they have already used it as the main tool in one or more projects.

It is hard to imagine a specialist who has mastered some alternative frameworks without ever using any of the big three – React, Vue, Angular. We can definitely say that knowing React makes any CV more meaningful, even if you don’t intend to work with it at all. React is now very popular, so there are many vacancies where this knowledge is required. It is also worth noting that learning React in itself should not be an ultimate goal; it is more important to study the principles and basic concepts that underlie it. The more experienced a developer is, the less important a particular library, framework, and even programming language are.

We can highlight the following key points:

  • important features of the library include declarativeness, versatility, component approach, use of Virtual DOM and JSX;
  • In 2020, React is the most popular tool among libraries and frameworks for working with UI;
  • specialists with knowledge of React are in demand in the labor market. Employers want this library to be able to work with both candidates for front-end developer positions, as well as back-end and full-stack developers;
  • experts recommend mastering React, as knowledge of this library increases the chances of successful employment.

Since the moment of its development and entering the market, the popularity of React has been growing, which means it has a future, and in the upcoming years, we will definitely see lots of new projects based on this framework.

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