An efficient dedicated team of developers

What is dedicated team of developers?

A dedicated development team is one of the approaches in software and web application development. This model includes a client, an outsourcing company, and employees. An outsourcing company acts as an intermediary, selects employees who can complete the project assigned by a client and fully satisfy their requirements. The model is usually used for long term projects where requirements are unclear and change frequently. Unlike the extended team model, a dedicated team is a separate workgroup with its own governance and structures.

In this model, an outsourcer’s development team works exclusively on a specific project full time, directly reporting to a client. The outsourcing company provides recruiting services, administrative support, and resources for project implementation.

A customer has more control over that model compared to other models. In typical configurations, clients can interact with a team, track daily activities and overall project progress using conventional management or directly, or combining both of these. It helps both parties to be on the same wave and adapt to the circumstances.

Since a team is engaged in implementing one project, this increases the speed and quality of the results. You don’t have to worry about the team being overwhelmed or overworked, as they have set a goal for themselves and are steadily moving towards achieving it.

How does it work?

Customers must have an idea of ​​what exactly they want. They must determine the number of people required for the project and the exact technical skills needed. A contractor hires or organizes a dedicated team to meet the project’s requirements. A team and a customer agree on the workload and project requirements for the specified amount of time. Professionals begin work during their regular business hours. A customer has full control over a project and a team, while a team is focused on providing the best possible results.

Benefits of a dedicated team

A dedicated team model has several undeniable advantages, such as:

  • Economic expediency;
  • Purposefulness and adaptability;
  • Full control;
  • Fast development cycle;
  • Close cooperation;
  • Continuous integration.

As you can see, the dedicated team model has quite a few advantages. Under certain conditions (you are interested in long-term cooperation, requirements are often raised, changes in the team size are possible, it is necessary to reduce costs as much as possible), such a model will be the most effective one.

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