Hire the best development team

Hire the best development team

The first step in launching a viable software product is to choose the best development team, so at this stage, the main question is where to look for it and how to choose the one? Ideally, you have experience in similar projects and previously worked with a team of developers. Then you just contact them and make the next order. But what if you don’t have such a team? Here we will help you with this task.

Search for a team

Obviously, first, you have to find the right people. The following options are possible:

  1. Find a team of trusted developers with the help of your friends or business colleagues. Personal referral is one of the most commonly used approaches in hiring any professional, including software developers. You must have some friends or coworkers who have once developed a website or a mobile app or built a business intelligence system. Keep in mind, however, that even if a remote development team successfully created a website for your friend, they might not be able to handle the development of a mobile app for you. However, most likely, they will be able to recommend those who are suitable for the task. In short, this option is not ideal, but it’s worth a try. In any case, you can trust the reviews of your colleagues and friends, unlike those that you can find on the Internet.
  2. Search on a specialized freelance site for developers. On popular sites like Freelancer.com and Upwork.com, you can find quite a lot of experienced professionals to help you with your project. This search has a number of advantages: different filters allowing you to fine-tune your search parameters; rating system, thanks to which you can assess the effectiveness of people, as well as the reviews of other customers. Besides, there you publish your order with a job description, and they themselves find you. That is very convenient! However, you can also come across such an unpleasant situation as subcontracting to another team. In this case, most likely, you will get a low-quality project execution with an overpriced and long time frame.
  3. Search through LinkedIn. If you still do not know what LinkedIn is, we strongly recommend you to pay attention to this social network. The advantage of LinkedIn is the fact that this social network is focused on the interaction of professionals, unlike others. Many specialists in it post the links to their portfolios, indicate previous work experience, and the reward system allows you to get an idea of the level of professional skills of the team. Besides, many IT service companies are active on LinkedIn. Thanks to the “Search” line, you can enter a request for keywords related to your project and get a list of companies offering cooperation!
  4. Search for developers through a search engine. What do you do when you need to find something online? That’s right; use a search engine, in most cases, Google. Many development teams offer their services on their own websites, which can be found on the Internet. Try to write any queries related to the topic of your project in the search bar, such as “Development of web application,” “Development of a mobile application for business,” etc. As a result, you will receive either a link to the websites of these development teams or their contacts on specialized message boards or forums. Another benefit of this approach is the ability to find feedback from previous team customers posted on these boards and forums.

Team selection criteria

So, when you have found several acceptable options, you should evaluate them and make a final decision. Here are the main selection criteria that must be considered first of all when communicating with potential performers:

  • EXPERIENCE OF THE COMPANY. If a company has been on the market for several years, this means it has orders and customers, so someone trusts it. This is the first sign of a reliable partner. Of course, you can choose a young team that has been on the market for less than a year, but the risk of such a decision is significantly higher. It is better to choose time-tested performers.
  • COMPANY SIZE. The larger the development team, the better. In the case of a large team, the probability of success will be much higher than that of a small team of several performers, because a large company always has another employee in reserve who can join the work, start work instead of a sick developer and guarantee you the result on time.
  • PORTFOLIO. The main thing that you should look for in the portfolio of the selected development team is that your developers should have similar work with the one you plan to do. If IT specialists have some experience in developing such applications, they know the potential difficulties that can be encountered during the working process and how to avoid them. This almost guarantees the success of your project.
  • THEIR WEBSITE. Take a look at the website of potential developers, and you will be able to evaluate the company. If you do not like the corporate website of the selected team, it seems confusing and complicated; then it will probably be difficult for you to cooperate with them, there will be misunderstandings and unnecessary questions. You don’t need this, do you?

As you can see, you can easily select and hire a reliable development team for your project using the available tools. This will take some time and effort, but it will pay off in the end. We wish you good luck with that!

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