Mobile apps are cheaper than you expect

Any investment, including this one, must be rational and thoughtful. You should clearly understand what you are doing and benefits it can bring for you and your customers. And to assess this, you should be well aware of this topic. So let’s go.

What factors define the cost of a mobile app?

First of all, you should understand that there are no “standard” “typical” solutions in this case. Any program is unique, which means its cost is determined individually and is affected by dozens of different factors. Here are the main ones:

  1. Developer. You can address both a company with programmers, testers, artists and other specialists and a freelancer. The second option may be suitable just for simple (in terms of functions) applications with an ordinary design — besides, the region where your developer works affects the total cost. Thus, in the USA, the price of a working hour of a programmer can be $350, while in Eastern Europe you can find a $35 offer, and they will do the same work with the same result.
  2. Functionality. This is the most crucial component that determines the total cost of your program. Surely, we all want to have as many functions in it, as possible… But the fact is that each additional option, each additional interface makes your application bigger and more expensive. Therefore, it is essential to carry out some preliminary work and estimate the practicability of each component. User scenarios, the number of screens and states, buttons, fields, integration with analytics, maps, CRM, GPS, NFC, and server infrastructure require hours of the development process and subsequent testing. We recommend you to keep only those functions that users need, and turn your back on the rest.
  3. Platform. The mobile app development process differs a lot for these two, as they use different programming languages, have different SDKs, and various development tools. If your clients use both iPhone and Android-based devices, you need two applications. If your budget is limited, you can choose only one of those. But you should know the devices your customers prefer to use. When deciding in favor of a particular platform, they typically take into account such factors as the market share of iOS and Android, the solvency of the audience and the degree of competition
  4. Design. There is no need to explain that a unique art user interface will cost much more than standard solutions and simple graphics since it also requires some artistic work. The question is,” Is it worth it?” We think, unique art is reasonable for large brands where a single corporate style is important, for art projects for show business and entertainment, in other cases, standard elements will perfectly cope with their functions and allow you to save money on development.

These are the main factors determining the total cost of your app, there is also a time factor (urgent/not urgent) and some other less important ones. As you can see, get a quick and accurate answer to the question of “How much will it cost to develop my application?” is quite impossible, but you can use the special calculation tool to assess the price. Just enter the necessary information about your program there and get a quick response with your estimated cost.

How much does it cost to develop a mobile application?

No one will give you a quick and accurate answer to this question, but here is an approximate price fork from Resty company: $3,000 for a simple application with several screens, elements, several functions, where a customer provides UX/UI, for a single platform; and up to tens of thousands dollars for a multifunctional solution with a unique design lots of options, integration with the database and server, for iOS and Android. As you can see, mobile application development can be both quite expensive and very budgetary, depending on the demand of a customer.

Make the first step – use our calculator, and you will see whether this solution is suitable for your business.

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