It is not uncommon for any project to slip out of hand and crash. As well as for Project Managers to try and figure out what exactly went south while picking up the pieces. Here, as the title kindly implies, are 5 of the most common obstacles, that can put any project to a halt. And how to deal with them.

Obstacle #1 Lack of cooperation

It takes an orchestra to play a symphony, as they say. Teamwork is a crucial element to any project, it’s where the success lies. One of your key responsibilities as a PM is to create a fertile ground for cooperation amongst your team. If it doesn’t happen – the project is in trouble. So are you. Just for analogy’s sake, if the fiddlers are not in the mood, tuba players are underpaid and the singer refuses to go onstage, no good music will come out. Anyway, you get the idea.

Obstacle #2 Lack of resources

Now let’s put the spotlight on the team itself, shall we? It is an important factor as any other when it comes to making a project happen. Carefully choose your teammates, pick the best ones you can afford. Once the staffing is done, make sure your newfound team gets comfortable workspace, proper equipment and other important stuff. The working environment is as important as team spirit and internal relationships.

Obstacle #3 Lack of priorities

Sorry for relying on the metaphors so much, but here goes another one – don’t put the horse before the cart! Not everything matters, so given that the clock is always ticking, pick your main goal and stick to it. It is also important to establish secondary goals and eliminate unnecessary ones. Separate the wheat from the chaff, so to speak.

Obstacle #4 Lack of planning

It feels good to see everything fall into right place at the right time, just like dominoes, doesn’t it? On the flipside, it takes a lot of time dedicated to careful planning and setting the dominoes in place piece by piece. Yet, there’s always a chance for something to go wrong. And if it can it always will. So, consider taking enough time before the start of the project to make a detailed plan of who when and what to do.

Obstacle #5 Lack of financing

Money says jump… It is impossible even to get the project started without considerable financial resources poured in, nevermind it being signed, sealed and delivered. Say you got your team set, your plan right and priorities straight – what can possibly turn sour? Almost nothing is the correct answer and if it somehow still does – go back to square one. There’s a great chance you’re missing something.

Come back when you fix it.

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